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Lash Refills

Fill appointments are important if you want to upkeep your lash extensions. Lash extensions grown out more than 2mm are removed prior to filling and replaced with fresh ones. You must have about 50% of lash extensions remaining to be considered a fill

Lift & Tint

A perm for your eyelashes to create the perfect curl that stay lifted for 6 - 8 weeks. A nourishing keratin treatment is included to replenish the eyelashes

All clients: $100.00

Duration: 75 Mins

Brow Lamination & Tint

Get the perfect fluffy brows! The lamination places all hairs in an upward position to create perfectly groomed eyebrows. Customize your brows to your liking choosing from natural lamination to completely full and fluffy. Just add tint so you can fully skip your morning brow routine

All clients: $100.00

Duration: 75 Mins

Custom Sets

Forget the hassle of trying to figure out what set is for you and book a custom set. From subtle enhancements to bold artistic statements, our lash artists skillfully curate lash sets that reflect the client's distinct beauty. We prioritize a thorough consultation to ensure you feel confident about the lash style that will best complement your facial features.

The Natural Set

The natural set is perfect for first time clients or those looking to enhance their natural features without too much drama. light lashes are place to your natural lashes individually, giving a soft transformation.

Duration: 90 Mins

The Heavenly Set

If you want your lashes to do the talking this is the set for you. Our artist take there time to ensure100% coverage to create full lashes, something that will completely transform the eyes.

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